Let´s keep Prague beautiful and rid it of illegal graffiti!

Illegal graffiti is desecrating and defacing Prague’s historical buildings and cultural monuments, (but doesn’t stop there), yet no one seems to be doing anything about it, even though the majority of Prague citizens don’t like it! Join Flow East’s project and fight together for a cleaner Prague. Add your signature and express support for the Prague authorities, who are combatting this illegal activity.

Let’s fight for a more beautiful Prague. Let’s convince city leaders and property owners alike to take responsibility for the removal of graffiti. Flow East, as an owner and manager of many historic buildings in the city centre, have plenty of experience with this fight and have always upheld a strict graffiti removal policy.

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Flow East and Prague 1 join forces to rid the city of graffiti

Flow East and Prague 1 join forces to rid the city of graffiti

Prague, August 24, 2016 – The fight against Prague’s immense illegal graffiti problem continues as Prague 1 joins property developer Flow East to help rid buildings of unsightly vandalism.


Flow East in the streets for a graffiti-free Prague!

Flow East in the streets for a graffiti-free Prague!

Prague, 22nd April, 2016 – Flow East has surged onto the streets of Prague, armed with signatures sheets and a great determination to Stop Graffiti. You couldn’t miss us! If you taken a walk through the center of the city (Můstek, Hlavní nádraží or I. P. Pavlova), you could stop and support us in our fight against graffiti with your signature!


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